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Needing little introduction, Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' is a confirmed favourite with our customers. This is a gloriously colouful and low maintenance evergreen hedge shrub that is also perfect for large beds, pots or even as a topiary plant The red-tipped photinia disease follows a definite pattern or cycle and it is important to understand this cycle for the treatment of red tip photinia and disease eradication. The fungal spores spend the winter in fallen, infected leaves or in late-emerging, new growth. These spores are released into the air in late winter or early spring where. Photinia fraserii Red Robin este un arbusti decorativ care face parte din familia Rosaceae. Se dezvolta puternic, rasfirat si dens. Frunzele cresc sub forma oval-lanceolata in nuante de verde si rosu cu aspect lucios. In toamna frunzele primesc nuante puternice, spectaculoase de rosu, galben si portocaliu. Florile sunt mici, albe si cresc sub forma de buchetele

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Aphids On Photinia. Photinia's combination of red and green looks good in any garden. New foliage appears in spring wearing bright red colors that fade to emerald green as the leaves mature. Tiny. Le genre Photinia comprend environ 40 espèces, originaires d'Amérique du Nord et Centrale ainsi que d'Asie du Sud et de l'Est. Photinia x fraseri est un hybride, résultat du croisement de deux espèces: Photinia glabra et serrulata. ' Red Robin ' est une excellente variété horticole, très utilisée en haies. Cet arbuste, au port érigé, atteint 3 m de hauteur pour une largeur de 2 m. Red Robin is a New Zealand selection of Fraser's photinia which is considered the first and also possibly the most successful Fraser's photinia variety of 20th century. After 20 years from its introduction it received the Award of Garden Merit (AGM) by the English Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) for great performance, beauty, and durability

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Photinia × fraseri 'Red Robin' is highly sought after for its striking evergreen foliage. Bright red new spring foliage contrast against the mature leaves that have turned a gorgeous glossy green. In addition, 'Red Robin' produces attractive ivory white flowers in April-May, making it a great tree for year-round interest Photinia 'Red Robin' APPEARANCE: Vibrant red new growth throughout the year.Produces small white flowers late spring. USES: Perfect hedging plant with a dense growth habit.For best results plant 50 - 60 cm apart. PLANTING: Plant in a sunny - partly shaded position in the garden, mulch well and water regularly until the plant is established.Tolerates mild frost once established Photinia x fraseri 'RED ROBIN'. Blýskavka Fraserova (nebo blýskalka) je samovolný kříženec japonské maminky photinia glabra a čínského tatínka photinia serratifolia, který byl nalezen kolem roku 1940 v americkém městě Birmingham v Alabamě. Tehdy byla nazvaná Birmigham, ale od tohoto jména se upustilo The technical name for this shrub is Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin'. Photinias, as a group plants are native to North America and Asia. Photinia x fraseri is named because it was first discovered as a seedling in Fraser Nurseries in Birmingham Alabama in 1943. The particular hybrid 'Red Robin' was bred in New Zealand and is the most popular of. A compact and colourful variety it can be used to make a fabulous informal hedge. Forms a dense evergreen hedge up to 2.5 metres tall and is fairly quick growing. Common Name: Photinia Red Robin, Christmas berry Botanical Name: Photinia x fraseri Red Robin Plant size: Approx 10 - 15 cm Pot size: 50mm pot. Max growth: Approx high and 3 - 4m wide

Photinia fraseri 'red robin' is an evergreen plant with deep green leaves that emerge a bright red color. The plant makes a compact hedge when trimmed well and it can grow well in all types of soil except chalky and wet soil. The leaves of standard photinia are the most attractive feature. And the fact that it won the Award of Garden Merit. Photinia × fraseri 'Curly Fantasy'. Photinia × fraseri 'Little Red Robin', a plant similar to 'Red Robin', but dwarf in stature with an ultimate height/spread of around 2-3 ft. Photinia × fraseri Pink Marble = 'Cassini', a newer cultivar with rose-pink tinted new growth and a creamy-white variegated margin on the leaves

Photinia fraseri Dynamo Red. Another great form of this popular shrub, Photinia Dynamo Red is basically an improved type of Red Robin, its spectacular new leaves emerge brilliant red in early Spring with the colour persisting for longer and futher flushes of colour through the season Photinia, arbust ornamental veșnic verde, plante pentru gard viu, frunze roșii și verzi. Photinia fraseri Red Robin este un arbust originar din Noua Zeelandă și este considerată prima, dar și cea mai reușită varietate de Photinia. Produce frunze mari și lucioase, roșu intens când sunt tinere. Se maturizează spre un verde închis, au 10-15 cm lungime și 4-8 cm lățime, apar din. Photinia × fraseri este un arbust a carui inaltime ajunge la 2-4 metri cu diametrul coroanei de 2 metri. Varietati- cultivaruri: Photinia × fraseri 'Red Robin' - varietate la care frunzele prezente pe lastarii tineri au culoarea rosie. Frunzele contrasteaza superb cu planta verde (Vezi fig.) Glansmispel Photinia Fraseri Red Robin 175/200cm. Ikke på lager. Størrelse ekskluderer rodkuglen 175/200cm. Plantningsafstand 2 Anbefalet mængde pr. meter. Fra 649,80. Mere info . Fra 649,80. Mere info . Tilbage 1 Fortsæt At this time of year (late spring), we sometimes hear My Photinia fraseri Red Robin shrubs looked fantastic when I bought them; dense with shiny dark green older leaves and bright red younger leaves. Now, a couple of years later, the young leaves still come out bright red, but the older leaves are a paler yellow-green, with dark spots on them, and the bushes as a whole look thin and straggly

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  1. Photinia Red Robin is well known as a garden shrub that was bred in New Zealand, winning the Award of Garden Merit in 2002. At Barcham we choose to grow this species as a true tree with a clear stem and over time it develops a rounded, mop head type crown. This small evergreen beauty is the perfect tree of choice for stilted hedging and offers.
  2. Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin' - Red Robin Photinia Red Robin Photinia is a medium growing evergreen shrub to 6-12 feet tall or more. It makes an excellent hedge or tall screen, or can be trained into a small tree. White flower clusters bloom in spring; new leaf growth is bright red
  3. Photinia Red Robin also works well in a mixed hedge or planted in a Laurel hedge. Most Red Robin is a form of the garden hybrid P. x fraseri, with glossy dark green adult foliage, and variable red tinted young leaves, especially as they just unfold. 'Red Robin' is one, a choice form with eye-catching juvenile growth the colour of sealing.
  4. Other Species: 60 other species - particularly x fraseri Red Robin or Robusta are popular. Comments: Name photinia comes from the Greek for Shining - refering to the glossy leaves, while fraseri was chosen to commemorate Charles Fraser, one of Australia's famous botanists. Author: Bob Saunders
  5. Editor's Note: Photinia x fraseri, Red-Tipped Photinia, appears on the Texas Invasive list. Positive: On Oct 4, 2008, Better varieties are 'Indian Princess,' which has smaller leaves, and 'Red Robin,' a variety with more compact growth and more disease resistance
  6. Red Tip Photinia Shrub Photinia x fraseri. The Photinia brings a mixture of colors and character every spring. New growth comes in a bright red color, followed by white flowers in early spring. As the season progresses, the red leaves turn into a dark reddish-green color and finish off with red berries that can last into winter
  7. Photinia fraseri 'Little Red Robin' (Standard) £19.99. Member's Price: £17.99. 60% (1 Review) Smaller and more compact than Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin'. Bright red leaves which mature to dark green. Perfect for growing in smaller borders and even in large containers on a patio! Delivery Information View Product Description

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  1. Photinia X Fraseri 'Red Robin' (Photinia) £9.99 at Crocus . Previous question « I bought two smoke bushes, I have planted them four feet away from each other, will.
  2. Photinia Little Red Robin este un arbust ornamental, frecvent utilizat in amenajarile peisagere din parcuri si gradini. Creeaza tufisuri bogate si dense in frunzis, frunzele sunt extrem de atragatoare, cresc sub forma oval-lanceolta in nuante de verde si rosu iar suprafata lor este lucioasa. Toamna, frunzisul se schimba treptat in nuante.
  3. Fotinia. - Nombre común o vulgar: Fotinia. - Familia: Rosaceae. - Origen: híbrido entre Photinia glabra x Photinia serrulata. - Arbusto de hoja perenne. - Tiene un crecimiento rápido y alcanza fácilmente los 3 metros de altura. - Hojas alargadas, consistentes, rojo brillante en la nueva vegetación, violáceas en verano, verdes en invierno
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Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' is drought resistant, yet able to tolerate soggy growing conditions. Planting instructions: An ideal shrub for cold gardens. Plant in the background border or as an informal hedge. Recommended varieties: P. glabra 'Rubens' grows up to 2m tall and is covered with coppery-red foliage for many months of the year The leaves of the Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin' are bright red when young, maturing to a leathery green oval shape of about 10 centimetres at the end of the seasons. During the coldest of months, when the garden looks sad and brown, the Christmas berry will thus brighten your outdoor space with its glossy green leaves

Photinia x fraseri. Red tip photinia is an easy to grow ornamental shrub that's prized for its dense red and green foliage. Also known as Fraser (or Fraser's) photinia or red top photinia, its leaves start off red, then turn a deep green over a period of several weeks 10-nov-2020 - Glansmispel bolvorm. Bekijk meer ideeën over voortuin, tuin bomen, tuin Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Photinia, Fraser Photinia, Red-Tipped Photinia (Photinia x fraseri) 'Red Robin' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles databa.. Nov 26, 2013 - Explore zhonghua chen's board 红罗宾红叶石楠 Photinia Fraseri Red Robin on Pinterest. See more ideas about plants, photinia red robin, red

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Photinia Fraseri (Standard) Red Robin. Arguably the most well-known of its species, 'Red Robin' is an attractive and much-loved evergreen shrub. Our standard variety has been expertly trained into a standard (lollipop) shape, to provide a striking architectural and formal effect in any garden or patio Trimming red tip photinia became a regular and frequent garden chore to constantly challenge the shrubs to put out more of the new, red growth that makes them so attractive. Pruning Photinia Shrubs Unfortunately, cutting back photinia shrubs also encourages the spread of a devastating fungus, commonly known as photinia leaf spot , that favors. Photinia Red Robin has a common name the Chistmas Berry, not sure why, as they are 2 different plants. The Photinia is native of Asia and the Christmas Berry is native of North America. The Photinia is an evergreen, primarily a shrub, but it can be a standalone tree and incleasingly popular as a hedge. The Photinia hedge is taking over from the Leylandii as a popular hedgerow Red leaf photinia is dropping leaves #404406. Asked June 03, 2017, 2:12 PM EDT. For the past two summers, our red leaf photinias have been dropping their leaves and look like they are dying. In April and May they looked great. But now most of the leaves have dropped off except the top foot that still looks healthy. In the past, they have had.

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Photinia Fraseri Red Robin Compacta is a new variety of Red Robin, It is in between the traditional Red Robin and the Little Red Robin. It has smaller leaves than the Red Robin but is a much more compact variety than the Little Red Robin, which if left uncut tends to get a bit loose in nature Utrjevanje brežin, kokosova mreža; Odstranitev obstoječe travne ruše; Posojanje rastlin; Zimska služb

Photinia Red Robin is one of the most popular options for hedging out there at the minute due to its hardiness and fantastic colour of new foliage. Young foliage is a bright red colour and as it gets older it turns to a deep glossy green, it holds on to this colour throughout the year Photinia X Fraseri 'Red Robin' Standard Tree . Photinia x Fraseri Red Robin tree is a very popular dense evergreen tree with a bushy head and is used in many gardens as a raised hedge, with a clear stem of approximately 1.9-2.1m. It can also be trained onto a frame Fotínia Fraserova, červienka (Photinia fraseri), (Rosaceae - ružovité) cz: Blýskalka, Blýskavka. Charakteristika. Fotínia je vždyzelený okrasný ker, dorastajúci do výšky 4 - 5 m. Je mrazuvzdorná, znesie teploty do -20 °C. Má vzpriamené konáre a husté olistenie Photinia Fraseri Carré Rouge Photinia Carre Rouge is a compact evergreen photinia with vibrantly red young foliage. It's a great choice for hedging and brightening up an informal garden border.. Photinia is a popular shrub and the cultivar Carre Rouge is a particularly bright variety. It's more compact and has smaller leaves than other photinia reaching roughly half the maximum size of the. PHOTINIA X FRASERII RED ROBIN - Photinia Characteristics Photinia is a large evergreen shrub which will also make a small tree of up to about 6m (20ft). It has become a popular garden plant mainly due to its shiny red new growth which appears in April, An added attraction is that when mature it produces a display of frothy heads of pink tinged flowers

Photinia fraseri Red Robin - îngrijire și tăiere. Medul lucios Red Robin este unul dintre cei mai frumoși copaci veșnic verzi și se caracterizează prin schimbarea culorii frunzelor. Deja în primăvară impresionează intensificarea roșie a frunzelor tinere. În lunile mai și iunie, Photinia Fraseri cu flori albe este perfect în. The red appearance is most prominent when new growth is coming through in Spring and Summer. Small, sparse white flowers appear in April - June. Photinia (Red Robin) Hedge Photinia Maintenance. Photinia is easy to care for and maintain and can reach a mature height of 7m and a spread of 3m Photinia, technically Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' is a popular red-leaved cultivar of Photinia, also known as 'Christmas berry'. This is a genus of North American and Asian shrubs, and most forms used in gardens are forms of the hybrid Photinia x fraseri, evergreen hybrids which are grown for their colourful young foliage Red Robin is a New Zealand selection of Fraser's photinia which is considered the first and also possibly the most successful Fraser's photinia variety of 20th century. After 20 years from its introduction it received the Award of Garden Merit (AGM) by the English Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) for great performance, beauty, and durability Photinia Red Robin. photinia fraseri 'Red Robin'. Evergreen shrub with green leaves - red leaves in Spring and Autumn. Photinia Red Robin. Name: photinia fraseri 'Red Robin' Approx. Height and spread: 2 x 2M. Position: Sun - Light Shade. Soil Ph: Al

Photinia Red Robin (Photinia x fraseri Red Robin) is a most striking hedging plant with bright red young growth which lasts through the summer. The Photinia  hedge plant is evergreen with glossy leaves, and frothy white, not very fragrant flowers in Spring. Photinia Red Robin is also easy to keep as a tidy hedge, trim not later than mid-August, as the young shoots are vulnerable to frost. Photinia or fraseri' Red Robin ' is spectacular evergreen hedge with glossy leaves and brilliant red tips. In autumn it has very decorative red berries. It thrives when planted in a sheltered position, or are planted under trees. They need protection against frost in their first season. Average growth per year is 15-25 cm Photinia Fraseri Little Red Robin is a small evergreen shrub that is similar to its better known big brother Photinia Fraseri Red Robin, except that Little Red Robin is a smaller, more compact, dwarf version and also has smaller, more rounded foliage.Apart from this, it has all the winning features of the very popular full sized Red Robin plant - glossy dark green leaves that are a vibrant. The best time for transplanting a container planted Photinia Red Robin into the ground is during the growing season from spring onwards. The night before the move, give the plant in the container a thorough soaking. We stock a range of Photinia Red Robin plants in a variety of heights, from 45 - 150cm. These resilient vivid-red plants truly. Photinia is a verstaile, upright bushy shrub that can either be grown as a specimen plant or as a fast growing evergreen hedge. The leaves are glossy and green, first emerging bright red in colour and maturing to rich green later in the season. Easy to maintain and regular pruning will encourage more new red growth. Height 150-200cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot or 7.5-10 litre pot

This item Photinia Fraseri Red Robin | Bushy 10 Litre Plants. Exactly as in the picture | Top quality. Photinia 'Red Robin' 2.5L. Photinia 'Red Robin' 10 Litre Pot - Bushy Plants. 10 X Photinia Red Robin Hedging Plants 25-30cm Everygreen Shrubs by Sunnyside Nurseries All you need to know. Before you get started. Photinia grows best in fertile, moist, well-drained soil, in sun or partial shade, in a sheltered position. The young shoots can become scorched by cold or drying winds and late frosts if grown in an exposed position. Photinia is tolerant of most soils, even clay, as long as it has been improved by. A Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin' , Korallberkenye magastörzsön a fiatal hajtások és a felső levelek kihajtáskor élénk vörösek, érdekes színfoltot adva kertünknek. A nyírást és az alakítást jól tűri. Szoliter növénynek ültessük előkertbe , cserjecsoportba , de akár kaspóban is tartható

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Le Photinia 'Red Robin' est l'un des arbustes de haie persistante les plus plantés dans les jardins Européens.Tolérant bien les tailles répétées, vigoureux, de croissance rapide et de culture facile, il est aussi apprécié pour ses jeunes feuilles très joliment colorées de rouge-cuivré qui contrastent agréablement avec les feuilles mâtures d'un vert foncé brillant Photinia × fraseri 'Red Robin' photinia. 5 5 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star (3 reviews) Write review. 2 litre pot £16.99. in stock (shipped within 2-4 working days) Quantity 1 Plus Minus. ADD add to wishlist. pot size guide Position: full sun or partial shade; Soil. Red Robin is a set of 10 3D shrub models for garden decoration. The 10 model variations include different sizes and forms, including 3 variations for a hedge. They can be further randomized and animated with the GrowFX plugin (available separately).Formats include 3DS MAX, GrowFX, Cinema 4D, Sketchup, Blender, FBX and OBJ, plus support for the renderers vray, corona renderer, octane render. The right time to plant Photinia ×fraseri 'Red Robin' is during the dormancy period. In Western Europe, Photinia ×fraseri 'Red Robin' with root balls can generally be planted from mid-November to late April, although this depends strongly on the climatic conditions and the species of tree Photinia x fraseri is a hybrid between Photinia glabra and Photinia serratifolia. The cultivar 'Red Robin' was developed in New Zealand, and is widely used as a colourful hedge. Glossy, elliptic to obovate leaves to 10 cm long, bright red when young, turning dark green on maturity. Panicles of small, creamy white flowers during spring

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  1. Photinia x fraseri `Red Robin` Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Download preview. Photinia x fraseri `Red Robin` an evergreen spring flowering shrub plant with a white springtime flower and red leaves and is commonly used for hedging, stock photo image . red leaves, springtime flower, shrub plant, flower, spring, leaves,.
  2. Red Tip Photinia ( Photinia x fraseri) Leaves: Evergreen leaves are oval in shape and 2¾ to 4 inches long. New growth is bright red. The color lasts two to four weeks before maturing to green. Flowers/Fruit: Small white clusters of flowers with an unpleasant smell appear in mid-spring and are followed by red, berrylike fruits
  3. Photinia Fraseri - Red Robin. Thread starter bilbocannon; Start date Feb 9, 2016; bilbocannon Shohin. Messages 327 Reaction score 224 Location Australia. Feb 9, 2016 #1 A local nursery is closing down and i picked up both of these red robins for $5 each marked down from $60 each
  4. The Photinia Red Robin is a shrub that supports strong pruning very well. The biggest attraction of this shrub is its colorful red leaves in the new shoots. Taking into account these two aspects, and looking for the Photinia to develop vigorously from the beginning of spring,.
  5. Photinia fraseri Red Robin (červienka fraserova) 12,00 € - 36,00 €. Botanický názov: Photinia fraseri - Red Robin. Výška sadenice: 200 - 250 cm, 150 - 180 cm, 100 - 150 cm alebo 50 - 80 cm. Momentálne možný iba osobný odber. Fotky sú reálne, z nášho záhradníctva
  6. Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' make a fantastic plant for hedging. Their bright red, new foliage perfect for creating a feature in the garden. In spring, white spring flowers bloom although this is a variety primarily grown for its stunning foliage colour
  7. ELAEAGNUS x ebbingei and PHOTINIA x fraseri 'Red Robin' LONICERA periclymenum 'Belgica' and PHOTINIA x fraseri 'Red Robin' MAGNOLIA 'Red as Red' and PHOTINIA x fraseri 'Red Robin' ABIES koreana . Korean fir Available from £15.00. AGAPANTHUS . African blue lily, Lily-of-the-Nile, Love flower CYNARA cardunculus.
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  1. Fraseri Red Robin found in: Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin', Photinia fraseri 'Little Red Robin', Photinia fraseri 'Little Red Robin' Standard,.
  2. Photinia Red Robin found in: Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin', Photinia fraseri 'Little Red Robin' Standard, Photinia fraseri 'Little Red Robin',.
  3. Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin' Select options . Focus on Quality. Passionate about growing and supplying quality, trees and shrubs. Stock. Our vast array of stock of garden centre quality. Home Grown. 85% of our stock is home grown in Britain. Biosecurity. Helping to protect against the introduction and spread of new pests. About. About Us
  4. Red Robin Everyone likes a bit of colour and Photinia Red Robin does not disappoint: a large, dense, evergreen shrub with glossy green and purple-red foliage. Makes an excellent specimen on its own but is most often planted as a hedge. The fresh growth can be anywhere between dark to bright red and can be a welcome si
  5. 100 or more. $ 6.00. 1000 or more. $ 5.25. Out of stock. Quantity. Photinia 'Red Robin' quantity. Add to cart. That's all the stock we have in our online store

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Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin'' 0. A plant that has a lot to offer! The Photinia 'Red Robin' (Photina) is a very popular evergreen shrub. In the spring and autumn, the brilliant photinia displays beautifully bright red leaves. The more you prune, the redder the colour becomes! Its tolerance of pruning has also made the 'Red Robin' a popular hedge. Photinia 'Red Robin' is a versatile evergreen shrub that can be used for hedging, trained against a wall and even used as a ½ std tree once trained. It is happy in most fertile soils, in either a sunny or shaded position. If you wish to encourage its strong red growth and more flowers, it will be better planted in a full sun position.. PHOTINIA x fraseri 'Red Robin'. Bright scarlet-bronze new growth. Further Reading.... Cold weather damage to evergreen plants. Photinia - Growing Guide. Medium £35.00 each. Ready in 3 - 5 days. Normally 3 - 5 days. 5 to 7.5 Litre This red robin hedge plant produces beautiful young crimson leaves that mature to dark green. White flowers are produced if pruned early in the year. This photinia fraseri red robin needs to be set in a place where the soil drains well. 7 Pot Photinia X Fras Red Robin: Red robin hedge plant is beautifu Photinia Red Robin Hedge Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin'. Photinia Red Robin Hedge. From: £10.99 Photinia 'Red Robin' (Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin') is a stunning evergreen hedge that boasts red, glossy leaves in the spring and summer, before maturing to lush dark green foliage. Click here for more information. More Information

Photinia Fraseri Red Robin. Photinia or fraseri' Red Robin ' is spectacular evergreen shrub with glossy leaves and brilliant red tips. In autumn it has very decorative red berries. It thrives when planted in a sheltered position, or are planted under trees. They need protection against frost in their first season. Average growth per year is 15. Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' is a superb evergreen producing beautiful bright red young foliage that turn to glossy green as the leaf matures. In spring it blooms with delicate creamy white flowers. Provides interesting year round colour and can be grown as a hedge NorthernLass2 Posts: 407. July 2015. Ordinarily when leaves on a very hardy fast growing shrub like a red ribub photinia go brown then it's due to either: drought or waterlogging. Brown leaf tips tend to indicate drought at spring / summer time and that it's affected the young new growth

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Photinia Trees (Red Robin) Photinia trees or Photinia hedges are perfect for creating an elevated screen to extend the height of your garden fence/wall and provide some extra privacy. We provide various sizes of Photinia x Fraseri trees. Photinia is also available as a hedge plant in busy form. Add colour and life to your garden with the. Photinia fraseri, Christmas Berry Hedge. Photinia Red Robin is a very popular garden plant that makes a fantastic hedge. The outstanding feature of this broad-leaved evergreen shrub is the brilliant red, glossy young foliage that provides a flush of colour during spring and summer Photinia Red Robin hedge (Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin') description Red Robin' (Photinia x fraseri) hedging bursts into spring displaying vivid red foliage, which contrasts wonderfully with the deep green of the older foliage (hence also being known as Red Tip Photinia). Planting Red Tip Photinia in a sun-loving place will really bring out.

Photinia Fraseri Louise - Variegated Red Robin Plants. Spring Sale. £15.95. 4.6, from 10 ratings. Options: Please Choose: 1. Add to cart. Photinia Louise is a fabulous new form of variegated Photinia with red cream and pink leaves on new shoots OLD VERSION!! There is a better 1 under my name! 3d plant photinia fraseri red robin #3d_plant #garden #photinia #plan

Photinia Fraseri 'Red Robin' 150-175cm. Thyme (Faustini), 1 litre pot Viburnum 'Tinus' 125cm. £ 59.99 Photinia x fraseri 'Louise' grows to just 2 x 2 metres in 20 years, making it a perfectly proportioned little tree for small gardens, patio pots and front gardens requiring year-round interest. Its neat and dense habit means in requires minimal pruning to keep it looking its best and it would be ideal for evergreen screening Photinia Red Robin A very popular evergreen tree, the Red Robin tree (Photinia x fraserii 'Red Robin') provides all-year-round colour, it is brilliant red, glossy young leaves are of real appeal. Dainty white flowers in spring are on occasion, followed by spherical red fruit. This is a small tree which makes it very suitable for a small garden.

Japanese Holly (Ilex Crenata) Half-Standard Tree, 40-45cm Photinia 'Red Robin' 200-250cm. £ 199.99. Qty: Add to basket. Stunning half-standard red robin tree, of this colourful evergreen shrub. Young shoots are bright red before they mature to green. It will produce 2 or 3 flushes of new shoots each year. Trim the leaves after each flush to. Find the perfect photinia red robin bush stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

Our Photinia Red Robin (Photinia x fraseri) Topiary Standards, also known as Topiary Lollipops, are a popular choice for planting into containers. Being evergreen, they provide colour and height all year round in the garden. This pair of topiary standards are supplied in 2 x 10L pots and each plant has a 70cm clear stem. The head of each plant is 30-40cm in diameter. Photinia topiary will look. Le PHOTINIA fraseri RED ROBIN (Photinia fraseri Red Robin) est indispensable pour colorer votre haie car ses jeunes feuilles rouges sont spectaculaires. De plus, il garde son beau feuillage brillant vert foncé en hiver. En mai, il porte de nombreuses grappes de fleurs blanches Photinia x Fraseri Red Robin Hedging 80-100cm 10ltr Pot - 20 Plants. £449.99. Photinia Fraseri Red Robin 200-225cm Height x 75cm Wide Rootball Hedging x 10 Plants. £650.00. Photinia Fraseri Red Robin Hedging

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Photinia x fraseri ' Pink Marble 'pot 7L H60/80cm. 33,95 €. + 0,00 € shipping. Photinia x fraseri ' Little Red Robin ' : ctr 4 litres. 16,99 €. + 0,00 € shipping. -1 %. Prix exclu web. Photinia x fraseri ' Red Robin ' : H 150/175 cm ctr 25 litres Photinia Fraseri Red Robin - 1 or 2. £19.99 instead of £25.99 for one Photinia Fraseri Red Robin, £37 for two from Suttons - save up to 23

Photinia Plant - Red Robin - View All Trees and ShrubsPhotinia fraseri 'Little Red Robin', Glanzmispel 'LIttleGlansmispel | Photinia Fraseri | Red Robin | BoomNL